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Welcome to Philippine Customers

Time:2019-06-08 Views:100
I am very happy to welcome the first customer‘s visit. Thank you very much for taking time to meet us, and thank you very much for help by my colleagues.

Because the factory is on holiday, so I didn‘t take the customers to see it. This is a pity to meet the customers this time. But we went to the customer‘s hotel to meet the customers, which also made the customers feel good about us.

Before meeting with customers, we should understand the needs of our customers, bring some samples to our customers, and quote prices to them on the spot. In this negotiation, because we know the situation of our customers well in advance, the prices we quote to our customers are also the most favorable, so our atmosphere is very happy to proceed.

In this meeting with customers, we have been insisting on serving customers well, understanding customer needs, giving customers the best choice, solving unnecessary troubles for customers, so that our next cooperation can proceed smoothly. And after the meeting, customers also have a certain sense of trust in us, which is our greatest harvest.
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