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We offer every variation of the modern packaging, Such as:Plastic packaging,Glass packaging,Paper packaging,Metal packaging.

WPS154      5g

WPS154 5g

WPS150      10ml

WPS150 10ml

WPS149      15g

WPS149 15g

WPS145     30ml

WPS145 30ml

WPS144     30ml

WPS144 30ml

WPS143     30ml

WPS143 30ml

WPS142   50g

WPS142 50g

WPS 141       30g

WPS 141 30g

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Service and advantage


Strong company strength

We can supply you plastic packaging, glass packaging, paper packaging, metal packaging.Always with an eye to a sustainable solution that provides cost savings through offering the best packaging programme for clients

A strong team to help your company take off

Choose us. We can provide you with a full range of packaging services, from design to production to transportation.You can sit at home and wait for the package to arrive.

High quality casts market word of mouth

With high precision, good performance, simple operation, high quality and low price, it has won unanimous praise from industry customers.

A good after-sales service

7*24 after-sales service team to provide you with excellent solutions.Professional team one-on-one service to help you worry about after-sales service.Professional product quality inspection team to ensure the stability of the instrument


14 2019-07

Nice meeting with our clients from Canada

This is a very nice meeting with our clients at Xiamen.

08 2019-06

Welcome to Philippine Customers

I am very happy to welcome the first customer‘s visit. Thank you very much for taking time to meet us, and thank you very much for help by my colleag...

17 2019-05

Thanks for coming,the Sri Lanka friends

Gracias por venir, los amigos de Sri Lanka

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